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RTI Technologies, Inc., based in York, PA, is the U.S. automotive aftermarket division of Agramkow, a Danish corporation founded in 1977. Agramkow built the first refrigerant reclaim station in 1979, essentially inventing the product category. Agramkow supplies state-of-the-art production line fluid filling equipment to many of the world's automotive manufacturers, including DaimlerChrysler, Audi, Toyota, Honda and others. Other business units of Agramkow specialize in supplying advanced computerized manufacturing process equipment to automotive and appliance OE manufacturers around the world.

RTI was founded in 1990 specifically to serve the new market for A/C recovery/recycling equipment that had been created by the US Clean Air Act of 1990. Market share grew over the years with RTI becoming known as the supplier of the highest performance, highest quality automotive refrigerant management centers. In the late 1990's RTI diversified and applied its expertise to other related automotive equipment areas. Today, RTI is widely known as the manufacturer with the best offering of automotive maintenance equipment for professional do-it-for-me locations such as OE dealerships, national service chains and independent shops. RTI products include equipment for:

  • Air conditioning service
  • Automatic transmission fluid exchange
  • Brake system flushing
  • Coolant exchange
  • Differential fluid exchange
  • Engine oil system cleaning
  • EVAP leak finding
  • Exhaust ventilation
  • Nitrogen tire filling
  • Power steering fluid exchange
  • and more…

By providing a modified version of its automotive air conditioning equipment, RTI also plays a key role in protecting the environment around the world. Through United Nations and World Bank projects, this refrigerant recovery equipment is supplied and used to halt the venting of damaging refrigerant gases to the atmosphere. To date, RTI has supplied over 120 countries with this environmental protection equipment.

Quality is a way of life for RTI employees and managers. It is designed and built into the product during the manufacturing process by dedicated workers using the latest quality control techniques. Plus, RTI is one of the only manufacturers in the world that also "test-runs" every function of every finished product before shipment to the customer. RTI's warranty failure rate is therefore one of the lowest of any equipment manufacturer anywhere. There is a thorough understanding of the needs of a service technician working on automobiles. RTI products are dependable and easy to use. RTI lives by its Mission Statement: "Equipment for the most productive mechanics in the world".


RTI Products
Air Conditioning Products
1.0 RHS®780 Digital A/C Refrigerant Handling System
2.0 TC670E Dual A/C Refrigerant Management Center


Brake Products
1.0 BFX-1 Brake Flush System
2.0 BFX-2 Brake Flush System


Coolant Products
1.0 VCX-1 Vacuum Coolant Exchangers
2.0 MCX-2F Multi-Coolant Exchangers


Transmission Product
1.0 ATX Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchangers


Nitrogen Tyre Filling Product
1.0 NTF-60 Plus Nitrogen Filling Systems

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