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General Info About StarChem
  • StarChem Ltd is a supplier of automotive paint refinishing products.
  • We have been trading now for 30 years. Through a combination of excellent customer service and quality products, StarChem has become a market leader.
  • Our customers include motor factory in the UK and Europe, and a variety of importers in over 40 other countries.
  • Specialist suppliers of paint refinishing products to the automotive trade
Product Range
1.0 Tack Cloth
2.0 Paint Strainers
3.0 Paint Mixing Cup
4.0 Super Cups
5.0 Polishing & Compounding
6.0 Panel Stand
7.0 Spray Booth Filter
8.0 Spray Guns
9.0 Abrasives
10.0 Wipes
11.0 Adhesives tapes
12.0 Protective Work Wear (PPE)
13.0 Paint Brushes
14.0 Body Shop Items
15.0 Masking
16.0 Knife & Blades
17.0 Chemicals
18.0 Fillers & Sealers
19.0 Air Hose & Fittings
20.0 Air Tools
21.0 Electric Tools

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